The History of Southminster Memorial Hall 

Southminster Memorial Hall was built in memory of all those who sacrificed their lives in the Great War.  The idea was initiated by the local branch of The Royal British Legion who planned to keep the hall for their own use however, it was decided that a more fitting tribute would be to extend the scope for its use so the money raised was handed over to a group of local trustees who set about raising further funds and securing donations of land in order to build a hall for public use.  The only request from the British legion was that the name of the hall should remain as "Southminster Memorial Hall".  The building was completed and was officially opened in 1933 by Lady Raleigh. 

Since that time, the hall's trustees have been appointed from both user organisations and elected trustees.  The committee continues to meet monthly. Email us if you are interested in coming along to a meeting at  

In 1993, the original declaration which is dated 5th July 1933 was replaced by the new Model Deed for Village Halls and the hall was designated as a register charity.  Sadly, many of the original user organisations no longer exist but the trustees are committed to ensuring that the hall continues to serve its community well and a recent drive in fundraising and the securement of grants and further funding has led to significant refurbishment throughout 2014-2017 ensuring that both halls are of benefit to the local community for many years to come!

A plaque remains in the main hall as a reminder of all those who have made a significant contribution to the maintenance and smooth running of the building.  If you know of someone who you fell should be included on this list, please email  so that your suggestion can be considered by the committee.

If you have any information or photos which could be displayed on this page, please let us know, the committee would love to hear from you!